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Rock Band on tour…with you?

Interesting news about Rock Band, it appears they want the average Rock Band player to abandoned the safety of their house and close friends and get on stage and let thousands of people watch them do their thing.  I am … Continue reading

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Rock Band 2 coming Sept 08

For us Music loving gamers there has been no shortage in good news these past couple months, from the annoucement of Guitar Hero: World tour, to GH on the DS we now get confirmation that Rock Band 2 will be … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero: World Tour

So everyone is wondering if Guitar Hero: World Tour is just a Rock Band rip off, and to be honest I can’t answer that fully, however it does appear that if it is a copy of Rock Band, they obviously … Continue reading

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Rock Band: A Pre-review.

When Guitar Hero III came out, we thought we had a choice to make: GH III or RockBand? GH coming out sooner pretty much sealed it for us (though if I had the choice to make again, I would have … Continue reading

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