Magicka is NOT a Couple-Gaming Recommended Game!

I know I know, I never post. That is how important I felt it was to warn everyone: Magicka is NOT a game for Couples. I also REFUSE to endorse this game, unless you actually were already thinking of stabbing your husband, or sending bombs to friends, or think you should send your child to bed without dinner. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITH ANYONE YOU WANT TO KEEP A RELATIONSHIP WITH!

Are we clear on this?

Now, if for some reason you’re still determined to play this game with friends, I understand. It’s an AWESOME game, and for about $5 on steam, TOTALLY worth it. It has like a bazillion levels (), a great storyline, and so many possibilities!
For those that don’t know – this is a wonderful game. It’s a top-down dungeon crawler, essentially. You are given 8 types of spells, and you can combine these 8 in almost endless (Okay, a little less than 8^5) combinations to create spells. Protection spells, healing spells, resurrection spells, torando spells, rain spells, and, of course, damage spells. Its Endless hours of fun to play on your own, exploding trolls and freezing then electrocuting fantastic germanic folklore myths. The writing is hilarious, and the controls, after some getting used to, are well thought out. It is just simply _FUN_.

But, it comes with a multiplayer option.
And here is where I tell you: Don’t Give In.

If you do Electricity, WE ALL GET SHOCKED.
If you do Fire, WE ARE ALL ON FIRE.
And if, heaven forbid, I _AM_ on fire, DO NOT put me out by getting me wet over & over again Because… If I’m WET, I CAN’T REZ YOU & JUST END UP SHOCKING MYSELF OVER & OVER AGAIN!

Seriously. I Swear to Odin, if one more person electrifies me, I WILL be sending them pre-electrified forks. I’m looking at you, @Chiaslut.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from your wonderful authors at Couple Gaming.

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The Secret World..getting closer

A long time ago I posted about funcoms upcoming MMO “The Secret World” I often forget about this game because I just do not hear much about it. But luckily more videos and screenshots are coming out and the dev diary gets me excited again every time I watch it.

Speaking of the dev diary, have a look at the latest.

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Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat

The past few days have been none stop gaming for the family. And not in the typical we each play our own games and talk about them later kinda deal. With both Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat being released we have been spending most of our time together. Now Mortal Kombat should not be played with younger children, but those that are more mature it can be a fun family event. The challenge ladder and test your luck being our favorite past times in the game. Portal 2, like the original, supports the whole family pitching in and helping solve puzzles and laughing at the banter. As big fans of the first game, we LOVED the second. It also sports a split screen co-op mode that currently my daughter and I are trying to complete now that we finished the story mode.

Either way, these two games shouldnt be missed. Either has a family, a couple, or by yourself 🙂

Portal 2 image

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Asura’s Wrath

Asura’s Wrath is, judging by the video, a very silly game. Silly awesome maybe, but silly none the less. I LOVE fighting giant boss’s, but this is getting a little crazy. Look for this to come out on PS3 and XBOX 360 sometime soon. Ohh and beware the finger!!

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FortressCraft A nod to minecraft for the Xbox 360

So a new indie game is coming out for the Xbox 360 called fortresscraft. It looks a lot like a very polished minecraft with working carts.
There is currently a big uprising amongst minecraft fans who think this is just a ripoff. But to be fair its all new code ( has to be for it to work on the XBOX ) and sure, it takes from minecraft, but what game isn’t inspired by another? Not to many. Regardless have a look!

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Web Comics

So in the past few months I have been using google reader to really catch up on some online comics. A new one I ran into, just today hit home pretty well for us. This is from NPC comic
Couple gaming v day

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Dead Island. Still alive!

Way back in September of 2007 I put up teaser trailer for dead island.

Well 4 years later we get another trailer, this one is a lot better. I can’t say I am excited about the game, which is odd. Because I love zombies. It might have something to do with the fact that we have NO idea what the game play will be like, nor what, if any story there is. Hard to get excited for nothing eh?
But I do love this trailer. Have a go of the new trailer below.

And for those of you who do not want to go searching ALL the way back to 2007, here is the original trailer. Note the 2008 date..;)

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Best Valentine gift

This year for Valentines I took ophilye out for dinner, and bought her a few things. One of those things was an in-game item that I thought she would find cute. I did this because one of my favorite valentines gifts she gave me was an in-game item for Everquest. This was over 8 years ago and I still remember it. That is how awesome that gift was. And it wasn’t the item I got, but how it was given to me. The person she purchased it from came and met us in a very dangerous zone. He was a giant Ogre dressed in a diaper. He came and presented the gifts in a very amusing way. I was in awe. My friend who was there still remembers this as well. Ask me what the items where and I can only remember one, the bone mask. But I remember the event and that made it worth the very small amount of money she paid for a virtual item. I am sure what I bought her this year will not be as memorable. But it has changed my view on buying in game items. At least when done with some thoughtfulness and not just to advance you quickly.

So gamers, when thinking about gifts for any occasion. Don’t scoff at in-game items. With a little thought and some planning it can be something they remember their whole life.

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Plants vs Zombies inside World of Warcraft

I was exploring the other day and decided to take a look at South Shore and the surrounding area to see what has changed since Cataclysm. I stumbled upon a farm that has some flowers I have seen before. So I went to take a closer look. The farmer had a quest, protect his farm from zombies. I grabbed Ophilye and my daughter to come take a look, and this is what I found.

After playing this and winning all the rounds (which takes a large amount of time ) I was rewarded with a flower companion. I was super excited since I had never heard of this and thought I found a hidden treasure. ( the farm was in the middle of no where )
But after googling for this it appears it’s a well known feature, we just weren’t in the know. So I am doing my part to spread the word cause if you play World of Warcraft and you liked plants vs zombies, you really need to come play this.

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Any of you ever play Dungeon Master? It was a very entertaining game where you built a dungeon and slapped around some minions…among other things. It was a great game for its time but under appreciated. Dungeons is very similar to Dungeon Master but with a nice tower defense mechanism built in. The goal is to build a dungeon and lure in heros who want to gain loot and fame. You need to build the dungeon in a way that will keep them occupied while you kill them off. But you need to kill them happy! Yeah I don’t know how that is going to work, but it sounds like a good time! I wager this game too will be under appreciated but I am doing my part to bring attention to it. ( your welcome Kalypso )

Find the PC only game at and enjoy yourself!

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