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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

I’ve been ogling the Surgery games coming from Nintendo ever since I enjoyed Cooking Mama so much.  If it was that much fun to cut up a mushroom, how could it NOT be fun to remove someones intestines?? So, we … Continue reading

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Boom Blox

Although both my daughter and wife love the wii, it never really seems to fit my play style. Most games for the Wii seem cheap or thrown together quickly to milk the cash cow that is the Wii, with of … Continue reading

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Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

Last year about this time, Ymiris & I were out shopping for our daughters christmas presents.  She was getting a Wii, so we were going through different games to get her.   The new concept Wii-motes were a scary idea, so … Continue reading

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Couple Gaming Christmas Wish List

There were 52 video games released this week. I’m not kidding. 52!!! how do you know what your friends actually want, and what will get you removed from their 360 friends list? We’ve done a little research… Try finding one … Continue reading

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Rock Band: A Pre-review.

When Guitar Hero III came out, we thought we had a choice to make: GH III or RockBand? GH coming out sooner pretty much sealed it for us (though if I had the choice to make again, I would have … Continue reading

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