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            A while ago I backed a project on Kickstarter called “Ouya”.  It promised to bring some casual and core gaming to my T.V. for a small price of $99. I was pretty excited about … Continue reading

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Yet another research grant wasted on Gaming & inconclusive data

So, a professor at BYU (everyone in Salt Lake, please commence vomiting now.  Everyone else, please place your bias regarding mormons here as well.  Done?  OK, let’s continue then shall we?) did a study showing how Video Games influence the … Continue reading

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Fable 2 and The Evil Wife

Fable 2 is one of our favorite games to play as of late, however my kind hearted wife, who won’t kill anything even if it was stepping on her puppy, has decided to be as pure evil as possible, taking … Continue reading

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Register to Vote over Xbox Live!

This is something I didn’t see coming, the ability to get into politics over a gaming plateform… This is the first time that Rock the Vote has joined forces with an entertainment partner such as Xbox to reach voters under … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Video Game Music

NPR Has a fabulous story about the evolution of Video Game Music… and yes, more than just “Still Alive”; from Pong to Bioshock.   Wow, I’m amazed how a few midi notes can take me back to so much of … Continue reading

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That thing you do..

My husband does this thing with his mouth… Wow. The way he moves his lips.. it’s absolutely amazing… and I am absolutely overjoyed every time I see it. I’ve tried to copy it, just for fun, but I’m usually busy.. … Continue reading

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Interview with a voice actor

I had a great opportunity to ask David Sobolov a few questions, David is a voice actor and has done a quite a few games and movies, including Enemey Terriotory: Quake Wars, Call of Duty 4, Command and Conquer 3 … Continue reading

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Message boards?

Every couple of months I get an e-mail asking why we don’t have a message board.  Truth be told, I dread having a message board and having it remain empty,  nothing says your site sucks more then having an empty … Continue reading

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And you thought YOUR video game was hard.

For all of you Mario gamers out there, I just wanted to let you know: Nintendo let us off easy. I love that video. And I pray to the video game gods that this isn’t how they really make them. … Continue reading

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Becoming a gaming couple Part 2: When he has lived in a closet his whole life.

When Ymiris wanted me to write this, I was a little stunned. We commonly hear problems about a male wanting to game in a relationship, and the difficulties bringing his wife around to his point of view. In fact, the … Continue reading

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