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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim is finally here. Since I didn’t really play that much of Oblivion I shouldn’t have been as excited for this game as much as I was. Yay for marketing. However once Ophilye gave me the ok to buy it … Continue reading

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Any of you ever play Dungeon Master? It was a very entertaining game where you built a dungeon and slapped around some minions…among other things. It was a great game for its time but under appreciated. Dungeons is very similar … Continue reading

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…like the fist of an angry god…

OK, if you haven’t seen or heard of “The Guild”, I’m not sure how you even got to this website. If you are a real gamer, I don’t even have to post this. But, if you are like me & … Continue reading

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Everquest 2 ¨Shard of Hate¨

Now, I haven´t played Everquest 2 since beta, and if you know me at all, you know how much I think they screwed up the game by forcing people to group, and itś that reason alone that I got into … Continue reading

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Family MMO that the kids can play?

So I was visiting massively this morning and they had a strange video posted of a new MMO called Free Play, after watching it, it became apparent that this could very well be the only MMO that both parents and … Continue reading

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Life After World of Warcraft

It was fun while it lasted, but we are seeing more people leave World of Warcraft than are joining.  The people that have been there since the beginning are losing interest at a rapid pace, and the people just starting … Continue reading

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Couple Gaming Christmas Wish List

There were 52 video games released this week. I’m not kidding. 52!!! how do you know what your friends actually want, and what will get you removed from their 360 friends list? We’ve done a little research… Try finding one … Continue reading

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