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The truth

Lets face it. We have been playing games way to much and blogging about them much to little.  And I would love to say, “we will fix that and get back to blogging more”, but I know it would be … Continue reading

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Steam Summer Special Post : FTL (Faster Than Light)

If you’ve forgotten to change your Steam settings to your favorite window as “Library” instead of “Store”, you have no doubt been tempted by all the promises of games as far as the eye can see for pennies – PENNIES! … Continue reading

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Because we know gaming

As a lifelong gamer, I feel I have a pretty good grasp of what gaming can do to a person.  I wager anyone visiting this site also feels the same.  Regardless, my friend thought it should be on here, so … Continue reading

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It’s o so quiet

It has been quiet here at couple gaming.  This happens from time to time. It is only the wife and I who run this and sometimes life just gets busy you know?  Ophilye often says we need to update the … Continue reading

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Gears of War 3, Wii gets Netflix Streaming and DeadSpace gets a paperback novel.

First is the anticipated announcement of Gears of War 3, the trailer can be found below.   Not much to say about this, but I can complain that it’s a whole year away!  But good to see 4 player co-op … Continue reading

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Tale of Tales gives us a spindle of Salome

Tale of Tales, the creators of “The Path”, are releasing a little more information about their newest venture, tentatively titled “Fatale”. The game is based on a biblical story, specifically Salome, a princess that demanded the head of John the … Continue reading

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Tweet My Gaming launches

For you twitter addicts (myself and Ophilye included) Gamerdna has launched tweetmygaming , a great little site that shows all gaming tweets and cool little graphs about what game is being talked about most.  I know some people find twitter … Continue reading

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E3: Running recap

OK, there are about 2,000+ reviews of what is going on at E3 right now.  If you’re not following someone on twitter, or their live blog, or blah blah blah, then you’re obviously a very busy monkey… Which is why … Continue reading

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Secret World a new MMO

A long time ago ( over a year!) I wrote a short little article about a new MMO being made by funcom Dark days are coming and finally we start seeing more details about this MMO, now known as Secret … Continue reading

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The Path

Alright, I have NO idea where I found this site, I just don’t.   But i have been on a huge horror kick lately and with all the Left 4 Dead and gears of War 2 I have been playing it … Continue reading

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