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…like the fist of an angry god…

OK, if you haven’t seen or heard of “The Guild”, I’m not sure how you even got to this website. If you are a real gamer, I don’t even have to post this. But, if you are like me & … Continue reading

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Games We Miss

While perusing some old Gaming Magazine issues, I came across a quiz about MDK. *sigh*.  “Oh how I miss MDK.  I loved that game..”  And I wondered how many other people think back on creatures they’ve killed, heroines they’ve saved, … Continue reading

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E3: Running recap

OK, there are about 2,000+ reviews of what is going on at E3 right now.  If you’re not following someone on twitter, or their live blog, or blah blah blah, then you’re obviously a very busy monkey… Which is why … Continue reading

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Couple Gaming is led down The Path

After Ymiris posted his anticipation of a new horror game called “The Path”, we were positively flabbergasted to be contacted by the developers.  US! Couple Gaming, actually being seen!  After we got over the shock & Ymiris could hear again … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Keflings

Ever since Xbox 360 introduced us to their version of a Mii, we have been longing to abuse ourselves in various ways.  Sure, we now have our little avatars having Party Chats, and we can dress our avatars in ridiculous … Continue reading

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Nintendo DSi: Now even more DS-y

STOP! Do NOT purchase a new Nintendo DS Lite just because your last one is not in the new Spring Colors, or because a herd of baboons have trampled over it. I promise you, those baboons will be back, and … Continue reading

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Zenses: Ocean

It seems to be the new theme: DS comes up with about 4 games, all based on the exact same idea. No “release one and see how it’s received”, no “testing the waters”, and evidently no consumer testing, but as … Continue reading

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Eye of Providence

Anyone that is a friend of this site knows my favorite games:  Phoenix Wright & Hotel Dusk. I’ve been lucky enough that the Phoenix Wright line has continued to 4 or 5 games (like a good book series), but I … Continue reading

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de blob

Since the Wii has come out, they have really tried to utilize their nifty Wii-mote.  Yes, it’s an original design, yes you could do a lot with it.  Unfortunately, when testing out what works and what doesn’t, the Wii has … Continue reading

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Couple Gaming finally has a PS3.  Yes, I know we said it would be a cold day in hell, <utahbashing> but it’s cold in Utah every year, so we figured it was enough of a sign </utahbashing>. A month or … Continue reading

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