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Kingdoms of Amalur

In February of 2012, Ymiris & I were playing Skyrim, DotA2, and Diablo III.  Those three games were it, the pinnacle of our gaming year, and we were happy with that.   Now, two years later, there are still Skyrim … Continue reading

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Beyond Electronics #1 : Dixit

About five years ago, Ymiris met a couple on Twitter, and the couple shortly thereafter pronounced us their BFFs, despite my greatest attempts to be as anti-social and awkward as possible. Upon this announcement, and the accompanying announcement that friday’s … Continue reading

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Torchlight : We’re just playing it just for you.

With the incredible popularity of recorded gamers such as Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, & Cry, and because for some reason people are still listening to, and I assume enjoying, our podcasts, Ymiris has mentioned more than once that we should begin recording … Continue reading

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2 “Don’t Even Rent on Redbox” and 1 “Worth It!”

For the record… do not waste any sort of time, money, or brain power on Adventure Time anything. As a huge fan of Ooo, this makes me very sad to say; I really, truly wanted to live there and play … Continue reading

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Steam Summer Special Post : FTL (Faster Than Light)

If you’ve forgotten to change your Steam settings to your favorite window as “Library” instead of “Store”, you have no doubt been tempted by all the promises of games as far as the eye can see for pennies – PENNIES! … Continue reading

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Discovering “The Cave”

          While squeezing the last bit of life out of our Playstation 3, @ymiris discovered that his beloved Double-Fine had slipped in a downloadable game without our noticing. “But Tim, I backed you on Kickstarter, you … Continue reading

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A Co-Op we can get into: Trine 2

          Ymiris is an absolute gem of a gaming husband: he is constantly looking for games that we can play together, either as a couple or as a family.  During the last Steam sale, as a … Continue reading

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Magicka is NOT a Couple-Gaming Recommended Game!

I know I know, I never post. That is how important I felt it was to warn everyone: Magicka is NOT a game for Couples. I also REFUSE to endorse this game, unless you actually were already thinking of stabbing … Continue reading

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Tale of Tales gives us a spindle of Salome

Tale of Tales, the creators of “The Path”, are releasing a little more information about their newest venture, tentatively titled “Fatale”. The game is based on a biblical story, specifically Salome, a princess that demanded the head of John the … Continue reading

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Flourless Cooking (ie : Gardening Mama)

Cooking Mama, if you aren’t aware of it, came out on the DS years ago to rave reviews. Not only was it not a typical hack-n-slash or driving game, but it was one of the first games to really utilize … Continue reading

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