Torchlight : We’re just playing it just for you.

With the incredible popularity of recorded gamers such as Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, & Cry, and because for some reason people are still listening to, and I assume enjoying, our podcasts, Ymiris has mentioned more than once that we should begin recording our CoupleGaming sessions.

I’m not entirely sure how successful this will be. I’ve watched the above reviewers, and it seems like a lot of screaming, with the exception of Cry (<3 Cry! Sshh, don’t tell Ymiris, but we’ll always have Corpse Party). Then again, I’ve watched the CupQuake couple play Minecraft, and was amused for way longer than I thought. Isn’t half of CoupleGaming about how much we enjoy watching the other person play? We share in their victories and frustrations, making fun of their stupid moves and laugh at their fearful screams, acknowledging that we were on the edge of our seat as well.

With that in mind, we decided to try streaming ourselves playing a Co-Op game. Truthfully, it was a little difficult to stream co-op games. First, you have to find one. Second, you have to tear me away from forcing my Sims Kingdom queen into a lesbian relationship with a pirate lass that goes overseas a lot, so she ends up having a fling with the evil Shopkeeper (shopkeepess?) that was modeled after an Evil Fire Elementalist (Mab Monroe from the Elemental Assassin series), but then the lecherous witch… WAIT. Sorry. There is a lot of drama in my Sims Kingdom. So, yes, third would be the technological difficulties.

We have overcome all of these with Ymiris’ tech inventiveness, my inattentiveness to what he spent to make it work, and Torchlight, which I can NOT get enough of. I find myself coming home every night & asking “SO?! Are we playing tonight??”

Torchlight is a colorful Diablo 3. It’s also a bit more fun with how many characters you can choose, the in-depth choices of your character points, spells, and clothing, and your pet (or slave slut, in Ymiris’ case).

We’re enjoying the HELL out of this game… so come join us! We’ll even accept criticism.. unless it’s “Ophilye, put down the wine”.. because we all know that isn’t going to happen.

(I think we also own as well.. but Ymiris can’t figure out what email it went to, so it’s lost)

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