2 “Don’t Even Rent on Redbox” and 1 “Worth It!”

For the record… do not waste any sort of time, money, or brain power on Adventure Time anything.
As a huge fan of Ooo, this makes me very sad to say; I really, truly wanted to live there and play with Finn, Jake, Marcelline, BGP, and all the weird little animals (not Treetrunks, though. That monstrosity gives me old-people nightmares). But every game I have tried is buggy, repetitive, would not even download on my phone if it were free. Seriously, I would knit before any playing either the Adventure Time DS game or the “Explore the Dungeon because I Don’t Know” game. I don’t know who was paid to make these games, but they may have hired someone from the early 80’s to make it. I don’t mean to say they are retro.. I mean to say that this is equivalent to the Ghost Busters game, but without the great sounds. It’s like they ported the games… from the original Nintendo Gameboy.

I know, “What The Lump!”, right? Kinda’ makes you want to kick puppies in the Boinloins.
OK Ophilye, breathe in good bits, breathe out the bad ones.

Next we tried Wipe-Out. To be fair, we tried to play this as a couple for 15 minutes. Do you remember when the Kinect first came out and it didn’t see you right? It didn’t quite get down where your arms and legs were, and wouldn’t react. That is as long as it took to realize that this game was NOT optimized for kinect. It would jump when I wasn’t jumping, and wouldn’t jump when my competitor was jumping. It was bad. On the plus side, I jumped so much trying to get it to jump right that I was fully sweating after the 15 minutes of trying. I was also ready to kick big red balls.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I will share one good find we’ve come across — A Game Of Dwarves. We bought it thinking there was a Co-Op, but were mistaken. Despite that, it’s a fun single-player game of digging, digging, more digging, and a little appropriation of goods. It’s kinda Minecraft meets Dungeon Master. Kinda. Give it a try next time your list of Steam Unplayed Games is under one hundred.

Seriously, not to rant or anything, but how is it I have 123 games in my To Play list, yet I still pulled up Ghost Master yesterday?! *sigh* I love that game.

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