A while ago I backed a project on Kickstarter called “Ouya”.  It promised to bring some casual and core gaming to my T.V. for a small price of $99. I was pretty excited about this prospect and waited eagerly for its arrival.  A few weeks ago I finally received the console.

The OUYA is very small and looks good. The controller doesn’t feel right, but nothing too annoying. I do think the touch on the controler is nifty, but so far doesn’t seem to have much of a use.  The biggest problem I have with the Ouya? I can’t find anything to do on it.  Unfortunately netflix, hulu and amazon do not have any apps on it to stream video.  The games are very limited and aren’t even as good as most of the games on my Galaxy S2.  The selection is just very small right now. This isn’t to say the Ouya is useless. I think for Indie game lovers this is a must buy.  However for the rest of us, I would wait to see what else gets added.  Sure you can side load XMBC or something else, but with a Wii U, PS3 and an XBOX, there is no point in doing so except to tinker, and if that is your desire, you would be better off spending money on a Raspberry Pi and get more out of it.

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