The Secret World

The Secret world if an MMORPG. However it is not your typical MMO. It feels more like a single player RPG with some random strangers running around playing with you. The combat is different from all MMO’s. You have to actively dodge, cripple or incapacitate and attack enemies. Your skills, combined with your abilities let you chose to play anyway you want, however they still offer templates for you if you desire. How you combine the skills and abilities also changes your look. For instance because I have blood magic and chaos magic in my abilities, I’m always on fire. The sheer amount of different ways you can go in this will keep the game interesting and prevent people from being forced into a certain role. The story line is pretty impressive too and has both Cthulhu and Nordic myths, as well as many others I have not seen yet. The game has cut scenes for a lot of the quests and the voice acting is good. So far Ophilye and I have been going after a lot of the lore simply because we want to know what is going on with the story. And so far not once have I felt like I was grinding. Which is a problem I have had with MMOs for awhile now.
Honeslty I could go on for a very long time about why this is worth trying, but I will break it down and let you decide.

  • Unique combat where movement and selection matter
  • plethora of abilities and skills that can be combined for customized play
  • quests that matter and drive the story, no grinding or collection quests
  • Feels more like a single player RPG
  • Excellent variety of MOBS and zones, nothing feels reused.

If you like that break down, give this game a go and let us know what you think.

The Secret world boss fight

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