In the Pit

Yes, I have been BIG into PC gaming again. I have neglected by XBOX 360 in favor of my PC, and due to the dashboard of the 360 with its crap load of ads I have even been using my PS3 for streaming video. However I do on occasion see the need to start the 360 back up. This is one of them. In the Pit. I game that has 0 graphics and 0 cut scenes. Obviously this is not for everyone, but if you like imaginative Indi games you may want to check it out.
The basic primes is you are a monster in the pit. When someone gets thrown in the pit you eat them. You have to find them by listening to them breath. As you get closer you can hear their heartbeat and once you are close enough, the controller will vibrate meaning you can now eat them. Simple yet brilliant. It is only $1, so give it a go will you?

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