DotA2 the beta

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the DotA2 beta that is currently going on. Let me say that I have never played Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends or any other game like this. I am not sure how I got in the beta, but I can only assume it’s because the devs wanted fresh eyes.

Anyway, since I have never played this type of game, nor has Ophilye, we decided to do some reading on the game and talk to a few friends who are avid participants. First off, the game really does seem simple at first. It is a 5 vs 5 match. The object is to destroy the opposite teams Ancient (base if you will). You pick a Hero of your choice, which there are a lot of choices and queue up and have fun. Each hero does different things and plays different roles. I am not going to go into to much detail because I am not writing a guide. I do not have the skill or desire to do so. So simple enough right? Well not really, because there are a lot of rules you have NO idea about till you play and learn. So Ophilye and I get done reading basic guides and join a few bot games to get a feel for things. During both our reading and our discussion with friends we were warned that the DotA player base are ruthless ragers. Meaning all they do is complain about your skill or lack thereof. We dismissed this because all online games have this. So we join bot games and have a GREAT time. We are familiar enough that we decide to go ahead and queue up for the real game. Ophilye and I take turns and quickly we are addicted. The game is fun, challenging and always different. After 20 or 30 matches I start seeing the future of Ophilye and I. Constantly finishing up our day so we can play DotA 2 together. Each time you pick a Hero you must pick to best assist your team. I often pick ganker or support as I do not want to lead, but just want to help. Ophilye often picks support as well because she also likes to just help. It’s a challenge because we still do not know what item is best for what Hero. It is a constant learning process for us, not to mention the ability of each new hero we play. Did I mention how many heros there are?! I really could see playing this game for a long time and getting better and better.

However as of last night I have decided I am no longer enjoying myself. I do not think we will play this game after beta. Why? Simple, the community is really horrible. It seemed that when we first joined everyone was like us. Just learning and enjoying themselves. Now ever time I get in a game people are yelling at everyone else and calling them names. I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to the internet, but I still do not enjoy it, and it happens the entire match, which can be over an hour. No one who is a normal person wants to spend an hour hearing how much everyone sucks. What is also sad about this, is the person yelling if often not playing correctly either. I was warned about this, but I didn’t really believe it till now. What is really sad about this is the fact that the game itself is fun. But because it’s a competitive game people just don’t want to ever lose. I know I am odd in the aspect that I don’t like to lose but I don’t really mind when I do. If only people would stop looking to pass the blame, and just teach or say “gg” and move on this game would be a must have for everyone.

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