How Batman can be a co-op game

I know it’s not easy finding games you can play with the girlfriend/wife or partner. Let alone let the kids watch and join in as well. So let me enlighten you on how Batman, a reported single player game can be a family affair.

Batman like a lot of other games have puzzles you need to solve. Lots of them require no real thought while others take a bit more of the brain matter. If you’re anything like me, your wife is smarter then you and will love the opportunity to prove it time and time again. So while playing ask her to help! And keep here there for assistance later on. If things go well she will start to get interested in the story and demand you play so she can see what happens next.

There are currently 3 playable characters in the new Batman. And anytime cat woman comes on the screen, my wife and daughter both want to play her. I know it’s hard to watch others play, I do, but I let them. So when this happens while playing, and your SO or child shows interest, let them enjoy the game and you sit back and watch the action. It’s more entertaining then you think and may help you out later. If you’re playing the first game you will just have to let them take control over batman and hold your tongue.

Batman is a family affair. Despite the action, characters and guns in the game, Batman is no killer. There is no blood, no head shots, and nothing but a physical beat down. And if done right a lot of the fighting can be very quick with silent take downs. This is appealing to younger children and SO’s who don’t really like the violence of a lot other games. If you child or SO love action games and don’t mind violence, they won’t miss it here. As the game still feels very gritty and there is plenty of opportunity to lay the smack down.

There is SO much to do in Batman that you will at some point want to take a break. If you got the family hooked, you can now grab a beverage, sit back and watch the movie…errr game and before you know it, they will all be asking when the next Batman is coming out.

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