Gears of War 3, Wii gets Netflix Streaming and DeadSpace gets a paperback novel.

First is the anticipated announcement of Gears of War 3, the trailer can be found below.   Not much to say about this, but I can complain that it’s a whole year away!  But good to see 4 player co-op in it.  This is one of my favorites game series.  Right along side God of War 🙂

Netflix is sending out disks for the Wii this week, ours is suppose to be here today, lets see how well the tiny machine does with streaming shall we?  I know my daughter has been waiting for this forever.  Just wish that the Wii and PS3 could stream without the silly disk.

And last and probably the thing most people won’t see.  A new paperback book based on DeadSpace will be release July 10 of this year.

Dead Space™: Martyr (A Tor Trade Paperback; $14.99; July 2010), the first novel based on the award-winning Dead Space videogame franchise. Dead Space: Martyr delves into the back story of the fiction including the history of the Church of Unitology, the discovery of the enigmatic “Black Marker” and the mysteries behind an alien artefact of unknown power. Dead Space: Martyr will be available in July 2010 at select retailers worldwide.

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