Tale of Tales gives us a spindle of Salome

Tale of Tales, the creators of “The Path”, are releasing a little more information about their newest venture, tentatively titled “Fatale”. The game is based on a biblical story, specifically Salome, a princess that demanded the head of John the Baptist. I’m definitely not up on my biblical stories, and so could care less about Salome, but they gave us a snippet of what to expect:

The character of Salome is complex because “Fatale” is designed to evoke all possible interpretations of her legend simultaneously. Salome is at once the mighty princess who mercilessly seduces men to their downfall and an innocent child on the brink of womanhood who is manipulated by the grown-ups that surround her. But she is also just a girl, a teenager who falls in love with the wrong man at the wrong time. She gets a first taste of the sweetness and the bitterness that we all know so well. And then there’s the Salome created by Oscar Wilde: a mad woman, lurking in the shadows of our souls, a selfish, passionate, wilful creature who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Ooooh, sounds as complicated as Shakespeares Ophilia! I’m definitely a sucker for character development in game play.. so I’m excited to hear more.
If the image looks familiar, you’ve been playing too much Silent Hill. “Salome was designed, modelled and textured for the project by leading game artist Takayoshi Sato, of Silent Hill fame.”
Return to their site http://tale-of-tales.com/Fatale/ to get more information.

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