Bass pro shops “The Strike”

It has been a very long time since I have played a fishing game.  As a matter of fact I think the last one I played was one of those little hand held devices you could pick up just about anywhere.  I liked them enough, but it never held my attention for more then a few minutes at a time and obviously was no where near as fun as real fishing was, but it was nice to pass the few minutes on the car drive to the lake.

I can’t say I am actually excited about this game, and even less so with the rumored $70 price tag, but I am interested.  Watch the video and decide if you would drop $70 for it, in the mean time, see you on the lake!

What Ymiris fails to mention here is the actually Cool part of this game, and why people are anxious to try it:  It has it’s own Fishing Rod Controller.  It’s got the force-feedback (of course), but evidently is also motion sensing like a long wiimote.  OK, to be honest, I think the Wii has done a better job with it’s Fishing games & using the Wiimote/nunchuk combo as an imaginary fishing rod, but it’s still pretty cool… and if it’s going to be in our house, then I am anxious to try it out.  (It’s fishing, without sliminess!   Now.. if I can maneuver our big screen just right, maybe I can tan while I play.  So close to IRL, i can smell the Cheese Bait.)
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