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Since the Wii has come out, they have really tried to utilize their nifty Wii-mote.  Yes, it’s an original design, yes you could do a lot with it.  Unfortunately, when testing out what works and what doesn’t, the Wii has come up with a lot of games that are absolute CRAP.  It’s to the point that I am afraid to buy a Wii or DS game, for fear that they are just pushing out shovel-ware.

But, as anyone that has been on this site more than once knows, I am a sucker for pretty colors, and De Blob has them in spades.  The premise is that the city has been taken over by little inkblots that have died everything black & white, filled the canals with ink, and kidnapped it’s citizens into being black dots with banal jobs.

You are a color-devoid blob, but you suck up the color of any paintbucket you touch… and you dye anything you touch as well.  So, you jump on a red paint bucket, you absorb 20 paint points, and you go paint 20 buildings.   You absorb a red and a blue paint pot, and you now have 40 purple paint points.  absorb another red after that, and you have 60 red points.  Easy, right?

OK, so the game has the possibility to get really boring really fast, but then you have little jobs to do.  “Oh Blob” gushes one little green girly-swirl, “please paint all these buildings green.”  No problem.  A guy wants “50 blue paint points to change this prison into an art studio”.. ok fine.

But the game has to get more difficult, right?  Next she wants “all of these buildings red, blue, and purple.  A little demanding, but ok.  On the next board, she says, in what I perceive to be a whiny, nasal voice “I want the top chartreuse, the middle kinda’ a burgundy color, the bottoms blue, and the little pin at the top a bright pink.  And do it in 30 seconds!”  I find myself then swearing back at her in words no one but a sailor should be shouting. “YOU #*(&ING &*#(@! DO YOU HAVE ANY F&*(#@ IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO JUMP?!  THERE AREN’T EVEN ANY #&*@()$&*( PAINT POTS AROUND HERE! YOU &#*(@ &#*(@&$#*(!!!”, and Ymiris has to send out the Couple Gaming Test Subject out of the house, lest she be corrupted by her mother swearing at colors.

But, these more difficult challenges are optional, are as all of the “achievements” you can get, such as coloring every tree or freeing every citizen.   This game really excels at playability at any gamer level, as well as re-playability, if you want to complete more “achievements”.

There is little to no pointing (smart move, as this game really doesn’t need it), and the shaking is used only when really needed.  It could have been made on any console, but the seperate-hands controller does make this game a little more user friendly (and stopped me from throttling people, though did give me a handy way to wrap the cord around my own neck).

The biggest downside is the save points: Before  or after a board.  THat’s it.  If you run out of time or die too many times, you go back to the beginning of the board, all the challenges and colors completely reset.

So.. I say give it a try.  The replayability & pretty colors means you can take it out when you’re bored or if new people come over,  and it may be one of those things you bring out when people say “pfft, wii games suck.”  Just don’t talke to the green swirly girl.  She’s a bitch.

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