Fable 2 and The Evil Wife

Fable 2 is one of our favorite games to play as of late, however my kind hearted wife, who won’t kill anything even if it was stepping on her puppy, has decided to be as pure evil as possible, taking the evil or most inhumane path at every opportunity.   Nothing really wrong with that, it’s a little odd but it’s a game and you’re allowed to go out of your comfort level to play right?

Well here is where it gets strange, she was so uncomfortable doing it that she has now turned over the game to our 9 yr old, that’s right, she felt it was to evil to play evil so she made our daughter play it and told her to take all the evil paths……isn’t that more evil then just playing it?!  For instance, in the game you are told to prove yourself by eating some baby Chic’s, my daughter says “What?! What do I do mommy, I don’t want to do that” ,  the wife says “Do as your told hunny” (sounds like June Cleaver too), and the daughter stares at her, looks at me, I shrug and she clicks on eat the chic.

*you hear crunching and the character who told you to eat that says “Oh my god you really ate it, you’re one sic puppy you are”

My daughter stares up at us and glares at her mother, then she gets a little smirk and giggles and eats some more waiting for the responses, and they have a few really funny ones.  But still, so evil right?!  I won’t ever forget the look on my daughters face for a brief instance, like she found out the monster under the bed is real, and its screwing mommy.

Now I am sure she will deny this and say something like “Ohh she wanted to play and you wouldn’t let her play on your account, blah blah blah”

Don’t let that type of talk keep you from commenting on how bad of a person she is.

Ohh and for the record, I picked the good route, so my house of is made of brick, not glass.


Ophilyes Response:

I heard, somewhere, that your choices in Fable 2 influence how you look in the game… so it seemed to make sense that if I created an all-evil girl, she would look somewhat goth or evil or otherwise deliciously dark.    Unfortunately, I had no time to play… so my daughter took over the character with the instructions “Be Evil.”
When I checked back in again, a week or so after I gave afore-mentioned instructions, I watched my daughter play.  I watched her sacrifice towns people.. and then watched her try to sacrifice the townspeople’s children.  Somehow, she was ok with that, whereas I wouldn’t be.
I tried to stop watching after that, but I couldn’t help it.  I  watched as she was told to let prisoners starve.. and she did!    I pressured her “Please, please just feed a few of them.  Maybe you can be evil other ways than actually hurting people..” and she did feed one, losing mass amounts of experience.  She then shrieked at me “NO! I’m not sacrificing my XP for prisoners!” and refused to feed any more.

Both of us lost some of our innocence at that point.. though we gained it back about 5 minutes later when it gained us access to a place where we could be vindicated.

I’ve thought about taking the character back, but to be honest, I’m scared.  I’m not positive, but I Think my daughter might sacrifice me for experience if I do.

In retrospect, I don’t think all of this was worth it just to create a goth babe.  I think next time, I’ll play Rock Band with her, and create a goth babe there.  Of course, her goth babes still scare mine…

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  • Nay

    I love it. sounds perfectly sane and reasonable to me!