Lost In Blue Review

Here at Couple Gaming, we have amassed a whole two (yes, 2) people to review games & pull all the really interesting things off the web that we believe is relevant to couples (This is my silent scream for help). Because of this, we usually miss 90% of the brand new games, but try very hard to pull things out of the woodwork that others may have missed or forgotten about and would  really enjoy.

So, with that caveat, I swear if anyone mentions “OMG, You’ve just played a 3 year old game for the last 2 months?!” to me in the forums, I may have to hurt you.

Lost In Blue starts quickly – you are a boy whose cruise ship has crashed, and the opening is that you have washed up on a deserted island. You have very low health, and need to find something easy to eat, quickly. There is no “how to”, there are not many suggestions.. it’s survival nature. Find a coconut, eat it. Find water. Find Shelter. Once you’re up for it, start looking around. Now you find Mushrooms that may or may not make you sick, rocks & wood to begin making things (like a fire starter and a spear), and soon enough you find a girl, who also happened to be on your doomed ship. You explore more and more, finding cliffs to climb up and different foods to have the girl cook. The more you search, the more you find, with the strategy to stay alive & learn the easiest way to do that.

While the storyline and the gameplay are relatively simple, every day is an addictive battle. Feed yourself and the girl, keep both of you healthy; these 2 things take up 80% of your time. You can fish in a river or the ocean, dig up potatoes, catch rabbits/snakes/crabs, set traps to catch deer, and even drag the girl up with you to tame a goat or cow for milk.

Unfortunately, this micromanagement of time doesn’t give you enough leeway to move on with the other aspects of the game. In 2 months time, both game and real, I managed to build beds & table/chairs, fish for eels, catch a snake & crab, catch a rabbit, find a mayan temple, and solve all the puzzles in the temple. What I have NOT done is: Made it past the temple, killed anything larger than a rabbit, tamed an animal, found a lizard, found a gem, and killed my characters more than 20 times (Only 19).

It is the list of what I have not done that has kept me from sending it back to Gamefly. I know through reading online that eventually you become the girl, and the boy leaves you to make rope, dinners, milk animals, etc. Unfortunately, I am not sure I am ever going to make it there.

There is a Lost In Blue 2 out for the DS, though I have read unfavorable reviews. (If you have played LIB2, please post your opinions here!) I also passed by our local gaming store yesterday and saw an advertisement for Lost In Blue for the Wii. I’m so excited, I may finally send back this gamefly rental. (By the way.. what is the limit on how long you keep a game as a rental before you just give in and buy it?)

Final synopsis: Definitely a game worth buying. The inability to save more than 1 place keeps it from being a really good couple game, but the amount of time that goes into the minutia of staying alive makes it a perfect game to trade off under the same save! I definitely suggest picking up used.  Although the game has very little really ingenious screen-touch/mic abilities (it’s only used for 2 things), the other aspects of the game make it really interesting. I’m not sure if it is as much enjoyable as addicting, but definitely worth a try.

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  • http://www.guppysfilms.com Rob

    I’ve only played Lost In Blue 2, but I really enjoy it. I didn’t realize you were playing the first one, which explains why you didn’t know what something in my game did. What don’t people like about LIB2?

    For those who haven’t tried it, LIB2 feels kind of like Harvest Moon with the added threat of your demise. It’s pretty punishing at first, as if you don’t maintain your food levels — which is difficult at first — you can’t sleep well, which means you get worn out really fast. But it’s really rewarding when you finally stabilize yourself, and that’s about where I am now — ready to start stockpiling stuff and exploring the rest of the island. At the very least it’s worth a Gamefly rental.

  • Nay

    let me know if/when it comes out on wii sounds like something I would enjoy