The Wii wants you to exercise more… by pole dancing. Wait, what?

It looks like the people who brought you the Carmen Electra Pole Dancing Kit are shopping around for someone to help make them a “Wii Pole Dancing” game. That’s right, Wii sucks you in with Hannah Montana.. feeds on you with “How to be an expert food-eater” and is now at “Be a better stripper”.

“Peekaboo will be all about fun and fitness for a new generation. Peekaboo wants to make the fitness benefits of aerobic pole dancing accessible to millions of Wii users. The goal is to encourage men and women of all shapes and sizes to improve their pole dancing skills while having fun, toning up and burning calories. Ultimately Peekaboo and AT New Media want to do for pole dancing what ‘Guitar Hero‘ did for rock n roll!”

OK, I understand that pole dancing is the new Pilates, and that the Wii is seriously trying to be the “console for ALL family members;” that aside, I’m not sure this is going to go over well. I’m just picturing hanging upside down, hugging a pole with my thighs, trying not to get a major head injury, on Level 8, and wondering… where do they plan to put the controller?

And to pre-empt the media: is this a gateway game to GTA X: Hooker Fever?

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