That thing you do..

My husband does this thing with his mouth… Wow. The way he moves his lips.. it’s absolutely amazing… and I am absolutely overjoyed every time I see it. I’ve tried to copy it, just for fun, but I’m usually busy.. you know.. doing other things. Usually singing. But sometimes playing the guitar. Sometimes both singing AND playing guitar, so I obviously don’t have time to watch his mouth do it’s neat little dance while he’s concentrating so hard playing the drums..

We all have things we do when we’re gaming. I know when I was playing Super Mario Bros for the first time, every time Mario had a difficult leap to make, I was jumping right along with him, sure that the extra momentum would help him make it this time. And no matter what song is playing while I’m gaming, I will sing along to it.. whether I’m on the microphone or not.

So I was just wondering… what have you seen people do while they game? What do YOU do?

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