And you thought YOUR video game was hard.

For all of you Mario gamers out there, I just wanted to let you know: Nintendo let us off easy.

I love that video. And I pray to the video game gods that this isn’t how they really make them. Sure it may FEEL like they set us up to fail.. but this has FAIL written all over it.

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  • Mike

    My video game IS hard. Far harder than this one, which I beat, rather easily in comparison. Try I Wanna be the Guy sometime.

  • Kevin Coppock

    Haha, that’s hilarious! Reminds me of that other video of the insane Mario level with the voiceovers (here)

    Any idea where I could download this to try for myself, haha?

  • lizardboi

    Jeez! What da hell is this one?
    Looks like Mario in develompement stage… 🙂

  • Ymiris

    Kevin, you can download the game


  • Blastedt

    I’m on the third or fourth level in that game. There’s a boss fight up ahead. Looks like its pretty rigged for the Bowser Cat. Falling ceiling that I cannot dodge so far, and they jump onto the sword, destroying the bridge, almost immediately.

  • I clocked the game

    i beat the game probably died 400+ times all up i had 2 come back 2 if a few times

  • LULZ2

    Ymiris… This game doesn’t work, any links that have a working download on them?

  • LULZ2

    A.K.A. when I try to move sideways it crashes. Jumping works tho.

  • Jono

    It looks punishing yes, but in the video the player just keeps dying because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes or remember where certain traps are.

  • Ophilye

    I loved the Insane Mario Level! I even liked the voice over.. that was pretty damn funny, and I found myself doing the “jumping with mario” thing I used to do when I was 10. Poor guy. .that was nuts!

    A few of the deaths were definitely because the player didn’t remember where there were fallouts, but the ones that made me laugh were the ones that killed him that in a normal mario rip-off wouldn’t have. I mean c’mon… The cloud? The Mushroom? The Star? The Pipe??? THE PIPE! I mean.. c’mon.. that’s supposed to be a secret! A reward turned horribly, horribly wrong. I laughed so hard, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Seriously.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

  • Jake

    graet…now i can’t get the cheetamen music out of my head.
    good video though

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  • Thenre

    That game has four levels. That’s the easiest one…and I beat the game. This guy just sucks.

    Blastedt. To kill the cat you have to have skiguy throw the poison mushroom so that it’s heading towards the catbowser…who will eat it and die. Then ceiling dodge, jump on the sword, and a man shaped chicken thing kills you.

    To really beat it at that part have ski guy go down onto the trampoline and jump on him just before he goes up. That way he throws you on top of the level like in the second original mario level and you can run to the real end.


    I Wanna be the Guy is so much harder

  • overflo

    Thenre: Thanks so much for publishing the real ending! That chicken was driving me nuts.

  • Bored

    I get it, its hard to beat. This vid got boring fast.

  • cake

    does anybody have a link to download the video instead of the game? i wanna put this on my ipod, cuz, well, its funny as hell, thx!!!

  • Chronus

    How do you get past the thing that kills you after you hit the flag?

  • gman19

    Beat the game!!!

  • Crusader Extreme

    very useful information 🙂

  • Linkums

    psh. That game’s hilarious, but it’s not _that_ hard. I’ve beaten it. And I’ve beaten Mario Frustration. “I wanna be the guy” easily takes the cake as hardest game ever though.

  • alana

    Nice 😀

  • i am the guy!

    i wanna be the guy is much much muchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuch harder than this game for sure 🙂

  • luke

    where can you download that game, i need to try it.

  • Excellent

    I am crying!!!!

  • quoka

    repeating the same mistakes over and over again does not make a game hard. The only fail here was the player.

  • ophilye

    Ymiris posted above where you can download the game..

    And it isn’t the “doing the same mistake over & over” that makes this game stupid-hard.. it’s crossing all the Video Game rules.

    For instance: Clouds are supposed to be harmless. It’s in “THE RULES”! If you’re going to make a Mario Rip-off, you should be able to go down tubes, clouds are safe, and it’s SO cheating to make invisible boxes that just simply push you into a hole, or trap you. Video games should make it difficult to play.. not try to cause your death. 😀

  • Lok

    I’m laughing so hard right now. This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen.

  • Pacman

    ophilye, perhaps you should stick to games like Mario Paint . . .

  • Pacman

    BTW — I f’king LOL’d at the cloud death and the flag laser and the rocket pipe and just everything!

    (P.S., whoever was playing in this video was a nooooooooob.)

  • smokeymcpot

    dude that game is easy as shit i can beat it without dying more than twice that forth and final stage you dont have to go across the bridge just open the farthest item box the throw you guy jumps out wait til he gets to the X box then jump right above him and run right when he throws you and you win easy as shit people

  • Gabe

    This game is so difficult it’s not funny. This video makes it look 100+ times easier than it really is.

  • Jason

    ummm, I tried the link, but I don’t understand japanese. Is there a little help to download it for me?

  • highskyhigh

    dude google- I wanna by the guy, dahhhhh

  • John Do

    Lol get the angry video game nerd on this case